How to Make Someone Uncomfortable?

Answer Have you ever wanted to get rid of someone without being inpolite/too obvious? Have you ever wanted to humiliate your ex in front of his/her friends? Or do you just feel like having a laugh? Then f... Read More »

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Does it make you uncomfortable?

How do you tell someone they make you uncomfortable?

It really depends on what the person is doing to make you feel uncomfortabe. . If you don't feel you can talk to the person confide in someone you trust to find out he best way to handle the situat... Read More »

Would this make you uncomfortable Guys & Girls!?

I'm female. Women should not be ashamed of their periods. Its not dirty or gross. I dont know why its such a hush hush thing. If Im pmsing and my guy friends are around and I feel they should know ... Read More »

How to Make Peace With Uncomfortable Feelings?

We all get in bad moods sometime. This article will tell you how to deal with being sad, angry, homesick, or other bad feelings.