How to Make Soda Erupt?

Answer If you want to try out the popular experiment that makes soda erupt, then you're not going to need very many ingredients. This volcano of soda can be produced just by combining it with the sugary m... Read More »

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Why does baking soda&vinegar erupt?

Combining vinegar and baking soda produces an interesting outcome, as has been demonstrated at many school science fairs. Both chemicals are safe and non-toxic.IdentificationBaking soda is sodium b... Read More »

What do you need to make a volcano erupt?

Volcanoes release a tremendous amount of power when they erupt, and the eruption can produce either a simple lava flow or an explosion. The forces that cause a volcano to erupt begin deep within th... Read More »

How to Make a Volcano Erupt With Chocolate?

Volcanos are crater-topped mountains, which periodically release lava, gas or rocks from deep within the earth's crust. There are many science projects that feature homemade model volcanos, which a... Read More »

Projects on How to Make a Volcano Erupt?

Volcanoes erupt because magma, or heated rock, weighs less than the surrounding rock and pushes through the earth's surface until it shoots out the top of the volcano, producing lava. You can creat... Read More »