How to Make Soap From Bacon Fat?

Answer Before the creation of synthetic detergents, soap was typically made with wood ashes and oil, usually animal fat. Pork fat, or lard, remains a common ingredient in many homemade soap recipes. Lard ... Read More »

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How to Make Liquid Soap From Leftover Bar Soap Slivers?

Your bar soap will always whittle its way down to an unusable size. But simply throwing away those little morsels of soap is seriously wasteful. Instead, you can horde the little slivers as they we... Read More »

How to Make a New Bar of Soap from Used Bars of Soap?

If you have too many leftovers from used soaps, this is a great way to make new soaps using old leftovers, read this guide. (By the way, this process of making soap is called hand-milling.)

How to Make Liquid Soap from Soap Leftovers?

Making your own liquid soap by using up the soap leftovers has to be one of the ultimate frugal means for stretching resources! The resulting liquid soap is a delight and the mixture of soap scents... Read More »

How to Make a New Bar of Soap from Old Soap Slivers?

Have a large number of old soap slivers that are too small to be useful, but you feel bad seeing them go to waste? This article will teach you how to turn all those old slivers into a new bar of s... Read More »