How to Make Slag Glass?

Answer Making small amounts of slag glass at home is a very time consuming project but worth the final product. A cast iron skillet and small grained silica sand or iron ore powder is required to make the... Read More »

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I just found out my little brother's slag is gonna pop a kid in March. Does Hallmark make condolence cards...?

Oh, here, I've written you a greeting you can write yourself in one of those blank cards:Oh dear brother what have you on earth could you think she was the one...It makes me crazy, it mak... Read More »

Why do so many people slag off Vista ?

There is a very simple answer to your question that everyone above ^ seems to not want to acknowledge...Vista is a great operating system, that works smoothly, effortlessly and stabily with NEW com... Read More »

How to Remove Stick Welding Slag?

Slag forms over a stick weld bead as the protective coating of the stick electrode melts. The slag protects the molten weld from contamination from air in the atmosphere. Removing the slag from a c... Read More »

Why do welders beat the slag of welds?

The slag is to protect to metal when molten in the weld process so it doesn't attract moisture and or cool to fast which will crystalize the weld and become very brittle then crack. The slag is re... Read More »