How to Make Silver in Photoshop?

Answer Adobe Photoshop is a comprehensive software package for graphic designers and digital photographers with a wide range of tools and filters to create almost any effect. Adding a silver effect to tex... Read More »

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How to Make Silver Letters in Photoshop?

The graphics software program Photoshop, part of the Adobe Creative Suite, may have the word "photo" in its name, but it offers a canvas to work with more than just photographs. With Photoshop's co... Read More »

How to Draw a Silver Ring in Adobe Photoshop 7.0?

For all of you jewelry designers, free-form drawers, manga artists and artistic souls who prefer the monitor over pen and paper, here's a brief guide on creating a silver ring in PS7.

How many silver half dollars make 1 ounce of silver?

It takes approximately three 90-percent silver half dollars to make 1 ounce of silver. Half dollars dated 1964 and before each contain 0.36 ounces of silver. Three of them equal 1.08 ounces of silv... Read More »

Can a silver spoon&water make colloidal silver?

A silver spoon stirred in water will create colloidal silver, according to Bali for Kids. Since colloidal silver is simply water with silver particles, a spoon with a high concentration of silver w... Read More »