How to Make Shower Gel From Soap?

Answer Shower gel is preferred by many people over bar soap because of its mild cleansing action and skin-moisturizing qualities. Although many commercially prepared shower gels are available, they tend t... Read More »

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How do I attach a soap dish for a shower?

Removing the Old TilePick the spot in the shower where you want to place the soap dish. Draw an "X" on the tile with a marker. Drill a series of holes through the "X" pattern using a masonry bit. S... Read More »

How do you get soap grime off your shower curtain?

Have you tried putting it in the washing machine, that may work well just check the care label. Another option is to buy cheap plain ones from a dollar/pound store. That way you can just replace th... Read More »

How to Replace a Shower's Soap Dish?

You may need to replace a shower's soap dish because the old one has been damaged, or perhaps because you are renovating your bathroom. Regardless of the reason, this is usually a task easily handl... Read More »

How to Fix a Broken Shower Soap Holder?

A soap dish attached to the wall is a convenience that most showers offer. The standard shower soap dish is attached to the wall via several screws. The screws may be inserted directly into the wal... Read More »