How to Make Shape Earrings?

Answer The jewelry that you want can be expensive and hard to find, so an alternative is to make your own, especially if you already know the exact type you would like to own. Making earrings is the perfe... Read More »

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How to Select Best Earrings That Fit Your Face Shape?

Earrings are very popular with women because it can help you enhance your overall look. It does so by adding femininity to your face. But earrings come in all different styles and shapes. It's n... Read More »

How to Find the Right Style of Earrings for the Shape of Your Face?

A flattering pair of earrings can be an easy way to appear fashion conscious. Earrings can draw the eye away from messy hair or tired eyes, creating the impression of a polished appearance. Though ... Read More »

Is there a place where you can turn regular earrings into clip-on earrings?

I dont know about a place that does it but I use to go to the Claires (pretty sure it was claires coulda been icing or whatever its called) in the Longview mall and buy these little things that mad... Read More »

How to Convert Pierced Earrings to Clip On Earrings?

Would you like to wear pierced earrings but need clip-on earrings? Use the following tips to customize a pair of pierced earrings with this easy conversion project.