How to Make Scented Bar Soap?

Answer Homemade soaps make excellent gifts and creating them yourself at home is a simple and worthwhile task. If you know what supplies to use and how to melt the soap properly, you can create dozens of ... Read More »

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How to Make Clove-Scented Soap?

Soap-making is one of humanity's oldest crafts. While lye is traditionally used in soap-making, an easier and less risky method is the "melt-and-pour" technique. Using this method, bars of hand-mil... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Scented Liquid Bath Soap?

This simple liquid bath soap recipe can be used to make your own scented liquid bath soap with your own choice of scented oils. Does this Spark an idea?

Does Unscented Soap Kill More Bacteria Than Scented Soap?

Scented and unscented soaps that contain an antibacterial agent can kill bacteria. Natural scents enhance antibacterial properties of soap but synthetic scents have negative side effects and cause ... Read More »

How to Turn Scented Lotion Into a Scented Body Spray?

Usually people buy scented body spray with a matching scented lotion only to end up using the spray more often and then end up having extra scented lotion left over. Here is how to turn that lotion... Read More »