How to Make Sage Incense?

Answer Often when you purchase incense from a store, you’ll find the scent either very weak or overpowering. One way to get the exact amount of scent you want is to make your own incense. Sage incense... Read More »

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How to Make Incense from Sage?

Making your own incense from sage is easy. Here's how to make sage incense which is just right for you.

What is the difference between white sage&regular sage?

White sage and common sage are closely related as plants but are different in both appearance and use. Sages can be difficult to grow, no matter what type you are trying to establish. They like alk... Read More »

How to Make Incense With Essential Oil?

Incense can be used for a variety of purposes. Making your own can be rewarding and fun. The benefit is being able to customize the incense for your own personal tastes and needs. The combinatio... Read More »

How to Make Incense With Arabic Gum?

Nearly every culture has used incense in one form or another. Incense is useful for many things, such as aromatherapy, setting an atmosphere and aiding meditation. Though countless scents and types... Read More »