How to Make Rubber Concrete Molds?

Answer Concrete molds are precast shapes that are used to make concrete bricks. They enable the construction of uniformly shaped bricks without having to individually shape them all the time. Different ma... Read More »

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How to Make Rubber or Latex Molds?

From tiny shirt buttons to larger-than-life statuary, latex molds allow artists, jewelers and modelmakers to make multiple copies of virtually any three-dimensional object. Latex molds are durable... Read More »

How to Make Molds With Liquid Plastics or Rubber?

You need a mold to replicate an object in another material. For example, you could replicate a small pumpkin in wax for a candle if you make a mold of the pumpkin. Once you have cast the mold, the ... Read More »

What do you use to make molds for concrete?

On One Hand: Making a Reusable MoldWhen making a reusable concrete mold, you will need a material that is waterproof--so that it won't soak up the moisture from the concrete, and flexible--so that ... Read More »

How do I make a concrete sidewalk with molds?

Digging the AreaUse 2x4 boards for straight sidewalks, but choose 12-inch hardboard siding--sometimes called Masonite--to create curved shapes for sidewalk molds--called forms. Cut the hardboard in... Read More »