How to Make Rollout Buttons for Flash Movie Clips?

Answer Making a rollout button for Flash movie clips lets you detect when the mouse cursor has moved out of the boundaries of a button. You can then add common rollout interactive functionality, such as a... Read More »

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How to Make Nested Movie Clips in Flash?

Many Flash animations contain nested portions that repeat throughout the sequence. Think of a ball bouncing across the stage. While the horizontal path of the ball may not repeat, the vertical boun... Read More »

How to Create Frames in Flash Movie Clips?

The Adobe Flash interface enables you to create animated objects using timelines and frames. Movie clips are objects that can contain individual animations and, therefore, independent frames. Perha... Read More »

How to Make Flash Buttons?

You can make Flash buttons in Adobe Flash to help people browse easily through your Flash movie or Flash website. The design can be customized so the button changes in appearance when the mouse cur... Read More »

How to Use the Total Video Converter to Make Movie Clips?

Total Video Converter is an easy-to-use application that is chiefly used for converting different video formats. It also has other features, such as trimming and cropping movies. These features can... Read More »