How to Make Rocks Safe for Aquarium Fish?

Answer Aquascaping your aquarium is a fun, exciting activity. Many aquarists find this to be one of the favorite parts of owning an aquarium. Live and plastic plants, driftwood, gravel and rocks are all i... Read More »

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Why do fish move rocks in an aquarium?

Fish move rocks in their aquariums for various reasons, such as searching for food, preparing for spawning or before laying eggs.SignificanceSome fish owners might notice the fish moving rocks arou... Read More »

How to Make Fake Rocks for an Aquarium?

Finding the perfect rocks to decorate your aquarium can be a frustrating task; even worse can be finding one perfect rock without any way to track down other stone that matches. Many aquarists have... Read More »

How to Make a Canopy for a Fish Aquarium?

A fish aquarium canopy is used to house the lighting system for your fish tank. The canopy is a way to hold your light housing up and also to keep water evaporation down in your tank. Together, the... Read More »

How to Make Safe Aquarium Terracotta Caves?

Terracotta pots are a great way to add caves to an aquarium. Adding different sizes and heights can give your fish places to play and hide. However, it is important to create these caves safely s... Read More »