How to Make Rock Textures?

Answer The texture on rocks is grainy but smooth and contains a variety of surface levels that add detail and character. Rock contains a texture unlike most natural objects, which is why people desire a r... Read More »

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How to Make CAW Textures?

In "The Sims 3," players can enter a mode titled "Create a World" or simply "CAW." Everything from the grass, terrain and buildings can be placed in a player's virtual town. The game comes with doz... Read More »

How to Make Textures Look Nice on Sculpties?

In the world of computer graphics, animated objects have various levels of prim. Prim relates to the type of dimension that the animated object is shown in, such as flat or 3D. Sculpted prim, the t... Read More »

How to Get Different Lip Looks and Textures?

A quick way to freshen up your look is varying your lip makeup on every occasion. Here are a few techniques that will help you go beyond a simple lipstick color change by experimenting with a varie... Read More »

Different Textures of Hair?

In addition to hair color and length, your hair's texture is a defining characteristic of your hair's appearance. The texture of your hair refers to both its shape and its degree of coarseness. Ide... Read More »