How to Make Reflective Glasses in Photoshop?

Answer Reflective glasses can block out harmful rays and make you look like a fashion plate all at the same time, but they can also be an expensive hit to your checkbook. Before anteing up for new specs, ... Read More »

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How to Fix Cloudy Anti-Reflective Glasses?

Anti-reflective lenses produce less glare, both for the wearer and people looking at the wearer. They are useful in a variety of situations, including driving late at night. Unfortunately, they bec... Read More »

How Is Anti-Reflective Coating Applied to Eye Glasses?

Anti-reflective eye glasses are designed to reduce glare on the lenses. This serves the dual purpose of improving the wearer's vision and enhancing the appearance of the glasses themselves, particu... Read More »

Tutorial for Reflective Metal in Photoshop?

A reflective metal effect can be used to create interesting surfaces. It also can be mixed with a number of other textures, filters and effects to create a whole array of looks. Create the illusion... Read More »

How to Install Reflective Tape or Reflective Decals and Graphics on a Motorcycle?

Installing reflective decals or reflective tape on your motorcycle can greatly improve your chance of not being hit by a car. Following these steps can greatly improve the installation and final ap... Read More »