How to Make Recycled Plastic Dresses?

Answer Making a recycled dress is a great way to make a fashion statement, while at the same time making a strong environmental statement. Construct a dress made from recycled plastic without advanced sew... Read More »

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Can you make disposable cutlery out of recycled plastic?

Yes. The polystyrene (PS) from compact disc or tape cassette cases, disposable drinking cups, and other sources can become disposable cutlery through the recycling process. Indeed, you can recycle ... Read More »

How is plastic recycled to make polar fleece?

Polar fleece, an insulating fabric lighter than wool, consists of recycled plastic bottles which go through sorting, cleaning and liquefaction to make plastic threads. One item of polar fleece clot... Read More »

How to Make a Gerbil House out of Recycled Plastic?

Is your gerbil cage empty and boring? Or maybe you have some spare time and a gerbil? Either way here is an introduction to making a gerbil house out of recycled plastic!

How to Make Jewelry Out of Recycled Plastic Bottles?

We all try to do what we can for our environment. Recycling glass, paper and plastic by putting them in recycle bins is good, but recycling things at home into all new items is even better. Many ho... Read More »