How to Make Real Butter Popcorn?

Answer Have you ever wanted to make real popcorn with real corn, real butter, real everything? Well, just read this article to learn how to do this.

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Does extra butter on popcorn make popcorn pop faster?

Adding extra butter to popcorn should not be done before popping. The smoke point of butter is much lower than that of vegetable oil, which is the proper oil to pop popcorn in. The lower smoke poin... Read More »

How to Make Movie Butter for Your Popcorn?

While you can not make "movie butter" as it typically is already made to drip on movie popcorn, you can make fairly tasty movie butter-style popcorn at home following these simple steps.

How to Make Real Popcorn?

While you do need some equipment and supplies, this easy-to-make popcorn will be the best popcorn you ever had. It only takes five minutes and after you taste it, you'll never go back to the microw... Read More »

How Do I Get Butter on Every Kernel of Popcorn?

If you are adding your own butter to popcorn, it can be very difficult to get a light coating on each kernel because pouring melted butter straight on to popcorn isn't easy to mix. Even if you try ... Read More »