How to Make Putty?

Answer Silly Putty was a scientific experiment long before it was intended as a children's toy. The engineer, James Wright, happened upon the substance while trying to invent a synthetic rubber in 1943. A... Read More »

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Is water putty the same as wood putty?

Two types of putties exist: linseed oil-based and water-based. They are both used for wood projects and referred to as "wood putty." Linseed oil-based putties are used for window frames and glass p... Read More »

How to Make Loo Putty?

Kids love to play with loo putty. It is gooey and fun for them, but "disgusting" for adults.

How to Make Bouncing Putty?

Bouncing putty is a child's toy that has the properties of both a liquid and a solid. When it stretches slowly, it extends like taffy, but when it is pulled apart with a sharp yank, it snaps into t... Read More »

How to Make Silly Putty?

Silly Putty was accidentally invented during World War II, when American scientists were trying to create synthetic rubber. Now almost everyone is familiar with the amusing goo found in a plastic e... Read More »