How to Make Psoriasis Natural Cures?

Answer You can use psoriasis natural cures to get rid of dry flaky skin patches. Psoriasis typically occurs on the back, scalp, behind the ears and on the knees. It is caused by the over production of ski... Read More »

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How to Make a Natural Treatment for a Psoriasis Breakout?

Licorice is more than just a candy flavoring. The root of the plant has anti-inflammatory properties that work much like topical steroid creams when applied to the skin, without the side effects of... Read More »

Natural Cures for Dandruff?

That little itch could be telling you something. Dandruff is characterized by a dry, itchy scalp. When the scalp is scratched, small flakes of skin break off and fall onto shoulders, arms and into ... Read More »

Natural Cures for Edema?

>> Natural Cures for Edema?        As mentioned, it is important to first look for the cause of the edema -- and not just start treating yourself for the symptom. Let us not be guilty of w... Read More »

Are there any natural cures for epilepsy?

Give him these two Homeopathic remedies 3 times on the first day and after just once daily, ARNICA MONTANA and NATRIUM SULF both in 200 or 1M potency. Let me know about his progress after three day... Read More »