How to Make Proportions?

Answer A proportion is an algebraic equation that compares two ratios or fractions. It always consists of an unknown variable, usually denoted by an "x." When the terms of a proportion are cross-multiplie... Read More »

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Activities for Proportions?

You use proportions in many daily activities -- from calculating gas mileage or distance to purchasing produce by the pound. Proportions and ratios can be difficult for beginning math students to g... Read More »

Ratios & Proportions Activities?

Ratios compare two different numbers, such as speed over distance. Proportions compare the difference between two different numbers of the same objects, such as marbles or books. There are many ac... Read More »

How to Use Redken Color Proportions?

Redken color gels are designed for salon professionals, rather than at home use. An understanding of color theory, levels and tones are just a few of the necessary prerequisites, before mixing gels... Read More »

How to Write Percent Proportions?

A proportion is an equation that shows one ratio equal to another. A ratio compares two numbers or quantities and can be written as a fraction with a numerator and a denominator. For example, the r... Read More »