How to Make Primitive Soap?

Answer The theory of soap making is simple--add an alkali to a fat. The ancient Romans used soap for personal hygiene, but it was probably used for cleaning and washing clothes well before their time. Now... Read More »

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How to Make a Primitive Air Conditioner?

So you're sitting in a hot house and you want an air conditioner. Looks like you don't have the money! Instead, why don't you make a primitive air conditioner?

How to Make Primitive Spears?

Before the gun, the arrow or the knife, the primitive spear was the primary weapon of early humans. These spears were sturdy, effective and easy to make, a lethal combination which enabled neolithi... Read More »

How to Make a Primitive Sling Shot?

Sling shots are one of the most ancient weapons used by man and were once used for hunting small prey, such as birds and rodents. Although not as widely used today, sling shots are still highly val... Read More »

How to Make Primitive Looking Signs?

There is a decor some people use that is called "primitive," consisting of old worn furniture that is painted and features worn edges of the original wood shining through. Accessories can utilize t... Read More »