How to Make Pompons Out of Plastic?

Answer Pompons give a cheerleader's moves that extra bit of emphasis, lending a bit of noise and attracting the eye with the movement of the swishing plastic fringe. Children who dream of becoming cheerle... Read More »

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How to Make Plastic?

One of the most common compounds is plastic. Plastics are made of polymers, which are really long molecules chained together. Most plastics we use are made from oil, but here's another way. Try mak... Read More »

Is plastic on the outside of windows better than inside plastic in the winter?

As of 2010, no studies show whether it is better to apply plastic on the outside or inside of windows during the winter. Both methods seem to be effective at reducing cold drafts and electricity co... Read More »

How to Make Plastic Plates?

Plastic plates can be cut out of sheets of vinyl or other types of medium-to-hard plastic using an adjustable hole cutter. Such cutters are usually geared for cutting the vinyl siding found on the ... Read More »

How to Make "Plastic" out of Milk?

Do you want to show your students or kids a fun experiment that is safe, easy to clean up after and yields really drastic results? Well, with a little bit of milk and vingar, you can create a plast... Read More »