How to Make Pointless Websites Famous?

Answer The Internet features millions of websites, from pointless to profound. Due to the wealth of websites, it often proves difficult to increase the popularity of one particular website. However, with ... Read More »

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Where do I learn how to make websites Like HTML or to make myspace layouts?

here's how to make your very first web page.1. Open notepad (undera ccessories on the start menu of windows).2. Type the following code (or just copy and paste it to save time):My very first web pa... Read More »

Do you sometimes feel like it is all pointless?

Hey. First, you are so great for working with this. Many people would have given up, "bounced him" ALONG time ago. Many people never would have "taken him."Second, ----time. I wish I could say... Read More »

Another pointless question?

3 TVs each one with its respective DVD, VHS and cable and 1 computer.

Pointless question?