How to Make Point-and-Line Graphs?

Answer Point-and-line graphs, commonly referred to as line graphs, visually present changing data in a way that is easy to read and understand. Students often learn to make line graphs in elementary schoo... Read More »

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Can you make line graphs on Microsoft Excel?

Just select the Cells with your different values. You can then choose the Chart Wizard icon, or go through the menu selection of INSERT ==> CHART...From the dialog window that appears, choose "Lin... Read More »

How to Find the Point of Intersection of Graphs F(X)=G(X)?

Finding points of intersection of two functions is a common exercise in Algebra I and II, since it demonstrates the usefulness of solving equations. Find the intersection of two functions f(x) and ... Read More »

What Are Line Plots and Line Graphs?

Line plots are a type of graph that is useful for summarizing a small number of observations of a continuous variable. Line graphs, on the other hand, are graphs of some variable over time. Despite... Read More »

How to Do Math Line, Bar & Pie Graphs?

If you have data that you'd like to present in an easy to understand diagram, you can do so by creating a line graph, bar graph, or pie chart. Each type of chart is prominently better at showing ce... Read More »