How to Make Plastic Bag Water Bombs?

Answer Are you bored? Got nothing to do? Here's a trick that will pass the time...or drench somebody!

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How to Make a Water Flower from a Plastic Bag and Straw?

"Suichuka" is an artificial flower which opens when immersed in water. The flower seems to bloom and has a Venetian glass appearance due to the lens effect of the water. This used to be a summer or... Read More »

How do you join 2 plastic water tanks to make them work as one?

Answer Assuming they are closed pressure tanks, simply hook the inlets together. If they have bladders make sure the pressures are equal in the bladders. If they are open bulk tanks of different ... Read More »

How to Make Cherry Bombs?

You've had these little gems at bars before. Now you can get blown away at home.

How to Make Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs are great to put in the bath for a beautiful scented bath! They can be given to people as gifts, and if you make them yourself they are a personal gift!