How to Make Plain Body Wash Into Body Wash for Extra Dry Skin?

Answer Jazz up your usual plain body wash with these suggested steps - your body will feel softer than a baby's bottom.

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How to Make Body Wash for Extra Dry Skin?

A body wash is a liquid soap rather than a bar or solid soap. Making homemade body wash is simple and offers the opportunity to for you personalize the ingredients. Collect a few basic materials an... Read More »

Antibacterial body wash or acne body wash?

Idk, bacteria is good for you.. If you get used to killing all of it you may get really sick when u stop or catch a common cold. Acne washes with salicylic or benzoyl peroxide make mine worse. My s... Read More »

Men skin brightening body wash ?

I doubt you'll be able to find anything marketed at men for brightening. You can find lots of products that are formulated with Jojoba Oil, Shea butter, or Cocoa butter. When you read the ingredien... Read More »

Can i use irish original body wash on my face or is it only for the body?

this WILL irritated on your face Dont use it has ALOT alcohol this can'stingthis actually a Bad idea use Face toner this will give a fresh feeling on your face.