How to Make Pictures Using Hand Prints?

Answer Art is a matter of taste so when making hand print pictures with your preschooler, do not worry if it does not quite look the way it should. Hand print pictures can be made replicating holiday ange... Read More »

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How Do I Take Digital Pictures Of Prints?

Well, if you simply want a digital copy, I would suggest scanning.Taking a picture with a digital camera would not result in the same image quality -- a photo of photo paper has a bad affect.In add... Read More »

Best printer that also prints pictures and CD/DVD's?

Hi RachelGet the HP. They are inexpensive, print quickly and accept all types of paper form regular to glossy. Epson is good but don;t print as fast as HP.Nowadays, even a $100 HP prints beautiful ... Read More »

My printer prints pictures in purple?

If it prints in purple, you are missing yellow ink. When you mix red / blue, that will give a purple tint.You may need to clean the print head itself with alcohol and a Q-tip. They may be clogged. ... Read More »

Where can I find a camera that instantly prints pictures?

Well there are couple of options you have. Don't buy one of those OLD Polaroid Cameras no matter how cheap the camera you get. Film available only for few models and cost you over $3. There are Pol... Read More »