How to Make Pickled Okra in the Refrigerator?

Answer The refrigerator method of pickling okra -- the tall warm-season vegetable -- saves you from the time and labor of canning. While refrigerated pickled okra does not last as long as canned pickled o... Read More »

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Do they sell pickled okra in the Northern states?

You only get into the "southern" type foods when you hit the midwest where they are farmers. I have almost never seen okra sold up north at all. Most likely you would have to grow it yourself.Pic... Read More »

How to Make Pickled Beets in the Refrigerator?

Pickled beets are a dish reminiscent of a bygone era when grandmothers and great-grandmothers spent the day in the kitchen, canning produce from a backyard garden. Canning pickled beets can take ho... Read More »

How to Make Okra Coffee?

Okra provides a natural thickener for soups and stews, and the deep-fried stuff tastes like heaven. It's crunchy and a little sweet when fried, giving stir-fries a little something extra. It even m... Read More »

How to Make Fried Okra Without Sliminess?

Okra is a staple of Southern, Caribbean and West African cooking, but many people are turned off by the slime it secretes. The slime produced by this mucilage is perfectly safe to consume, but the ... Read More »