How to Make Pet Silhouettes?

Answer A lasting memory of a beloved pet can be made via a pet silhouette. Start by taking a photograph of your pet in an action pose. A dog could be chasing a ball, and a cat could be following an unrave... Read More »

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How to Make Silhouettes With a Copier?

A silhouette consists of a black shape on a white background and creates a simple graphic representation of a person, symbol or item. To turn an ordinary image into a silhouette, you increase the c... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Digital Silhouettes?

The human form has long served as an inspiration for art. From sculpture to painting, artists have depicted the human form with a variety of techniques. Depicting the outline or "silhouette" of a p... Read More »

How do i make silhouettes in photoshop?

Eliminate the BackgroundClick on Photoshop's tools palette and make sure the background color is white. Eliminate the background entirely from the photo. It's easiest to start with a photograph whe... Read More »

Types of Fashion Silhouettes?

A fashion silhouette is the shape clothing and undergarments give the body in the attire of a given period. Shapes and silhouettes in fashion change over time. Many periods in women's fashion even ... Read More »