How to Make Perfumed Soaps?

Answer If you want a specific scent of soap but can't find it in stores or online, make it yourself at home. Making your own soap has several benefits: Not only is it more cost-effective to make your own ... Read More »

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How to Make Perfumed Decorative Soaps?

Luxury items continue to rise in price. Even some of the simplest things that we once took for granted are now out of the price range of many people. One example is perfumed decorative soap. Once a... Read More »

How to Make Perfumed Paper?

Perfumed paper can be made using normal household objects. Perfumed paper is ideal for making scented notelets, envelopes, drawer liners, and other craft items.

How to Make Perfumed Body Mist?

Going to fancy stores to buy perfumes is always fun but can get very expensive, very fast. Here are some easy ways to get a wonderful smelling perfume for almost no cost to you!

How to Make Perfumed Body Powder?

Do you love the feel and scent of baby powder?Ironically, most commercial powders are made of talcum powder, which is unhealthy.Corn starch feels the same, is more healthy, and can be "personalized... Read More »