How to Make Perfume Body Powder?

Answer Many people prefer making their own custom perfume body powders because they may be allergic to additives used in store-bought powders. Homemade powders will make you feel silky, soft and scented, ... Read More »

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How to Make Perfume Dusting Powder?

Perfumed dusting powders have been in use for centuries. Especially beneficial in warm weather, dusting powder helps keep skin comfortable. The addition of baking soda contributes a deodorizing pro... Read More »

How to Make Perfume Body Oils?

Making perfumed body oils is not only easy but is a more natural choice. Using essential oils to scent your body oil or massage oil is a wonderful way to create your own signature scent, depending... Read More »

How to Make Body Dusting Powder?

Dusting powders help relieve irritated skin. It works well to prevent chafing because it prevents skin from rubbing against skin. Commercial dusting powders are often expensive and may not be readi... Read More »

How to Make Vanilla Body Powder?

Natural vanilla body powder may be healthier and far less expensive than vanilla body powder made from talcum, which may cause respiratory problems. The vanilla scent comes from the beans of a trop... Read More »