How to Make Paper 20-Bladed Ninja Stars?

Answer Paper ninja stars, or shuriken, bring ancient Japan alive without the risk of injury. Simple repetition permits you to create an origami ninja star with any number of blades or points. Finish your ... Read More »

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How to Make Paper Ninja Stars the Easy Way?

Japanese culture has brought us a number of things, including origami and the ninja. One is the art of paper folding, and the other is an art of stealth and combat. One of the signature weapons of ... Read More »

How to Make a Double Bladed Paper Knife?

How to make a double-bladed knife, out of paper.

How to Make Ninja Stars Out of Metal?

Ninja stars are ancient weapons made quite popular by the Japanese ninja in films. These weapons, also known as shurikens or throwing stars, can be made with everyday household items such as knives... Read More »

How to Make Ninja Throwing Stars?

Throwing stars (also known as shurikens) were weapons wielded by Japanese ninjas who would generally use them for throwing at distant enemies under cover of darkness. You can make a life-sized repl... Read More »