How to Make Out With an Overbite?

Answer Making out with an overbite is not very hard, but it might be a little challenging at first. Hopefully this article will help you!

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I have an overbite?

okay i have an overbite to so it is different for everyone but heres what i went throughin 3rd grade i got a permanent retainer on the roof of my mouthit was taken off in 4th grade and i got a regu... Read More »

What causes an overbite?

Thumb sucking and genetics, as far as I know.

Why do dogs get an overbite?

its just the way there teeth form and grow

Is this enough of an overbite for headgear to be necessary?

Mom, I'm wearing my head gear ... Farmer Ted – Sixteen Candles ...Please consult a dentist. BTW: Nice gap :)