How to Make Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs?

Answer In this article I will show you how to make oatmeal shampoo for dogs. Hey, even us humans could use this! Why not? Saves money, and is economical, natural, and safer then store bought with all... Read More »

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How to Make an Oatmeal Conditioner for Dogs?

Due to skin conditions, exposure or simple genetic predisposition, some dogs are inclined to have dry, itchy skin just as people do. When the skin is itchy enough, the dog may scratch itself vigoro... Read More »

Dry Shampoo Made With Oatmeal?

Dry shampoo is a time saver for people on the go. It can be complex and made of many ingredients or very simple and made of only one or two ingredients. Oatmeal is a popular ingredient in dry sham... Read More »

Can you use shampoo for people on dogs?

On One Hand: Find a Dog ShampooThe best, most effective, way of bathing a dog is to use a dog shampoo. Dog hair is different than people hair, says Dr. Allison Kirby a veterinary dermatologist. And... Read More »

Is human shampoo bad for dogs?

Human shampoo is not bad for dogs, but it can cause irritation and dry skin. Mild baby shampoos may be used on frequently bathed dogs, but it's best to use shampoo specially formulated for dogs, si... Read More »