How to Make Notes for Facebook Friends?

Answer The Facebook "Notes" application is used when you want to write a longer post, similar to a blog post. You can choose whether you want everyone to see your note, or allow only certain groups of pe... Read More »

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How to Make All Facebook Notes Private?

Facebook's note feature lets you publish notes similar to journal entries. Unlike wall posts, notes are not character limited. Additionally, composing a note gives you extra options, such as the ab... Read More »

How to Make Tweets Go to Notes on Facebook?

Twitter provides you with an application that automatically posts to your Facebook account. You must link the two accounts using the main Facebook and Twitter pages. The linking process is automati... Read More »

How can i make hearts and music notes on my facebook post?

Turn NUM LOCK on.Hold in ALT and push 3 on your num lock key pad. Release the alt button. A heart should appear. ♥For musical notes, hold in ALT and type 13 on your left hand key pad (push 1, rel... Read More »

If I make a facebook group, will all my friends on my friends list know that I am the creator of the group?

yes, they can see who the admin of the group is - you cant hide that