How to Make New Flower Beds?

Answer Whether you are starting from scratch as a novice gardener, or you wish to change an existing flower bed design to incorporate new elements, planning new flower beds is an exciting way to begin the... Read More »

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What materials should one use to make raised flower beds?

Raised flower beds are better for your plants because excess water drains better and you have more control over the condition of your beds, according to Raised Garden Beds. There are a variety of m... Read More »

How to Lay Out Flower Beds?

If your garden needs a colorful lift, you might want to consider implementing a flower bed. A flower bed requires preparation, work and dedication, but gives the garden an attractive focal point. O... Read More »

How do I get rid of ants in flower beds?

BaitObserve the ants to find out which type of food they are eating then purchase gel bait sold in toothpaste-like tubes. For ants seen eating insects, purchase protein/grease bait; for all others ... Read More »

Termites in Flower Beds?

Termites are best known for eating wood, but sometimes will also eat roots, seeds and grass. Termites may also be attracted to any wood-based mulch used in flower beds, including those made with pa... Read More »