How to Make Nested Submenus in HTML?

Answer Web designers create menus by using HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and sometimes JavaScript. The preferred method for structuring a menu in HTML is to create an unordered list. Unordered lists ... Read More »

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How to Get the Text to Start at the Left Margin in Nested Ordered Lists in HTML?

HTML was developed to be a flexible markup system for making web pages that isn't specific to any one operating system or web browser. This has helped make the web a big success, but at the cost of... Read More »

How to Make Nested Movie Clips in Flash?

Many Flash animations contain nested portions that repeat throughout the sequence. Think of a ball bouncing across the stage. While the horizontal path of the ball may not repeat, the vertical boun... Read More »

SQL Nested Table Tutorial?

Nested SQL queries (also called "sub-queries") provide you with the ability to run a query within a main query. A sub-query returns records from another table within your "select" SQL statement. A ... Read More »

A Tutorial on SQL Nested Queries?

The nested SQL query is a form of the SELECT query that is inside another SQL query. The nested SQL query is also called a subquery. The outside SQL statement is called the parent statement and th... Read More »