How to Make Nappy Dull Hair Straight and Shiny?

Answer Sometimes hair can be hard to manage when we neglect it. Many times products that are marketed to us are not made for our texture hair and cause significant damage to the overall look of the hair.... Read More »

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How to Make Straight Hair Nappy?

The "nappy" hair style is a wonderfully beautiful and stylish way to give yourself a messy look. If you weren't given the voluminous nappy look by birth, you can learn to replicate it by employing ... Read More »

How to Make Nappy Hair Straight Naturally?

When you get an itch to straighten your hair, giving careful consideration to the products and method you use is important. Chemical straightening products, such as relaxers, can damage hair and ma... Read More »

Whats a good straightening hair product that will make straight hair shiny an smoother?

If your hair is naturally relatively straight and you want to make it straighter, a serum would be great. Smoothing, and super shiny. They are available in sprays, as well as regular pump dispenser... Read More »

How do you make your hair as straight, silky and shiny as possible?

The other day one of my close friends visited my place. We were meeting after a year. So already things were heavy on the emotional side and both of us were extremely elated that finally we can spe... Read More »