How to Make Nails Grow Strong?

Answer It is possible to have strong, healthy, and beautiful nails, but sometimes it takes effort to accomplish this goal. Several factors are important in keeping them looking their best. Proper diet and... Read More »

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How to Get Your Nails To Grow Long and Strong?

The appearance of your nails reflects the state of your overall health. Some nail changes like discoloration and flakiness may signal health problems such as anemia and diabetes. Strong, healthy-lo... Read More »

How to Grow Strong and Long Nails?

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How to Grow Long, Strong Nails?

Do you have short, stubby, or unhealthy looking nails? Do you have the kind of nails that just won't grow past your fingertip? Do you want those long, gorgeous fingernails that you see people with ... Read More »

How to Grow an Injured Dog's Nails Long & Strong?

Any activity can injure a dog's paws and affect the health of his nails. Dog nails are sensitive, as there are nerves and blood vessels in the nail bed, according to VetInfo. With the proper treatm... Read More »