How to Make Myself a Reverend?

Answer Some people feel led to a life of ministry as a reverend. The word "reverend" means worthy of reverence, and having "reverend" as a job title carries immense respect and responsibility. Most people... Read More »

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How do you address Reverend Canon Dr in a letter?

When addressing a letter, a Canon is referred to as "the Reverend Canon John Doe". A letter should start "Dear Canon..."

What does the title Reverend mean?

A reverend is a member of the clergy. It is also used as a title for anyone who is ordained (invested with priestly authority) in the Christian faith. Reverends may perform marriages, as well as ot... Read More »

Who was the Catholic priest who was preaching at Reverend Wright's church?

Father Michael Pfleger was the Catholic priest that delivered a sermon at Trinity United Church of Christ, which was Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church before retiring. Father Michael Pfleger is the pas... Read More »

What does the title right reverend mean?

"Right reverend" is an honorary form of address or title used in some Christian denominations for a higher-level clergyperson. For example, the Church of England uses it for bishops and abbots, amo... Read More »