How to Make My Own Fishing Light Plug Into 120 Volt Outlets?

Answer Plugging a 12-volt fishing light into a 120-volt power source may seem an impossible task but it can be done relatively easily. Using a few materials from the hardware store and a little skill the... Read More »

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Can you plug a high power 240 volt appliance such as a clothes dryer into a 120 volt outlet?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service. If they are appliances that have to use a lot of power, like clothes dryers, kitchen ranges, etc. , the answer has to be No. Ap... Read More »

Can you plug 120 volt appliances into 110 volt outlet?

Answer 110 Volt is the nominal standard used in homes. Appliances are rated at 120 volts as a safety measure, as the voltage can fluctuate between 110v and 115v. Appliances rated in this manner wi... Read More »

Can you plug a 115 volt hot tub into a normal outlet?

It is stated in the electrical code that a hot tub must have a GFCI ahead of the hot tub load. This means that a normal receptacle can not be used in this occasion.Most normal outlets are 120 volts... Read More »

Can you plug laptop into 220 volt source?

Yes you can plug it into the 220 v socket.You will not have any problem as the 220 is in the range and does not exceed the 240 v