How to Make My Honda Metropolitan II Go Faster?

Answer The Metropolitan II scooter is an option for the thrifty, the fuel conserving, and those who want to travel and commute in style. The scooter's 49cc stock engine propels the rider forward at up to... Read More »

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How to Tune-Up a Honda Metropolitan?

Honda Metropolitans are one of the most popular scooters. Known for their reliability, they are not as prone to breaking down as other brands of scooters; however, you can keep your Metropolitan on... Read More »

How fast does a Honda Metropolitan go?

The top speed for a Honda Metropolitan scooter motorcycle is 40 miles per hour. Top speed can be best achieved when traveling on either a flat surface or when traveling downhill.Source:Honda Specs

How to Replace the Battery in a Honda Metropolitan?

Capable of achieving up to 85 miles per gallon, the Honda's 49cc Metropolitan scooter is quite attractive when it comes to fuel conservation. Unfortunately, most Metropolitan scooters are driven su... Read More »

How to Derestrict a Honda Metropolitan Scooter?

Honda Metropolitan scooters, like most scooters, are restricted by a small washer that can be found on the front pulley road inside the scooter's variator system. Removing this washer derestricts t... Read More »