How to Make My Headlight Blue?

Answer To customize your car based on the style or color, you may choose to make the headlight blue. Your budget, as well as the laws in your state, may determine the viability and cost of this change. Ch... Read More »

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Blue Headlight Laws?

The sky shines a natural blue, so blue headlights must be legal, right? Not exactly. According to, blue headlights--and any headlight tint other than white--may not be used in the Unit... Read More »

Are blue headlight bulbs legal?

Blue headlight bulbs emit a blue hue instead of the traditional white hue that is made by most car headlights. Traditional blue headlights are illegal. However, there are headlights that only give ... Read More »

What are Cool Blue headlight bulbs called?

Cool Blue is a brand name for one of Osram Sylvania's automotive lighting products. They are a halogen lamp that has a special street-legal coating to give them a whiter appearance than traditiona... Read More »

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