How to Make My Chest Stronger?

Answer A stronger chest is something that is desired by many men. Basically, when you build the muscles in your chest to become stronger, you will also improve the overall appearance of your chest. Bigger... Read More »

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How can I make my nails stronger?

The basis of hair and nail structure depends on "silica", a lack of which makes hair weak and dull, and nails brittle and thin. Recommend you go to a pharmacist or health food outlet, seek out sili... Read More »

Can you make beer stronger?

If you haven't bought the beer yet I would recommed colt 45. Its alot stronger than most. My only other recommendation is to either make homebrew or start smoking weed.

How to Make Fingernails Stronger?

Fingernails are a body part that gets noticed first. When you shake hands with someone, you're bound to get stares or glances at your nails. Even "talking" with your hands make fingernails prominen... Read More »

How do i make my gums stronger?

its a sign of gingivites, its just the begginin , so dont wait till the bones get loose cauze then u cant reverse that, so if they bleed, an look a bit puffy an red, then u need to get them cleaned... Read More »