How to Make My Car Sound Like it Has a Turbo?

Answer A turbo system can cost over $3,000 for you to add to your car. If you're not planning to race your car and you don't care about its top speed or horsepower, you don't really need to add a turbo sy... Read More »

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How to Make a Turbo for a Car?

Engine performance is what developers of turbo powered cars say they want most from the upgrade. Turning a stock engine into a race ready competitor takes time and knowledge of combustion engines t... Read More »

How to Make More Power From 1.8T or Vr6 Turbo?

You can increase the power generated by your Volkswagen 1.8 liter turbo or turbocharged VR6 engine by adding aftermarket parts and modifying the car's exhaust system. As a turbocharged car, you can... Read More »

How to Make a Basic Turbo Kit?

A turbocharger system will substantially increase the horsepower potential of your engine. A turbocharger forces pressurized air into the engine's intake, which allows the engine to combust a large... Read More »

How to Make a Homemade Turbo?

Engine power is proportional to the amount of fuel and air flowing into the cylinders. To increase the efficiency and power of a vehicle, a turbocharger system can be installed. This system works b... Read More »