How to Make My 2Wire Wireless Router Run Faster for a PS3?

Answer There are a few specific things you can try to make your 2Wire brand wireless router run faster in association with your PlayStation 3. The faster the Internet connection, the faster your online ga... Read More »

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How do I get Internet using a 2WIRE 2701hg-b wireless router?

Connect an Ethernet cord from the gateway to the computer and open an Internet browser. Enter the IP address for the device. Enter "" in the address bar and press "Enter" on the keyb... Read More »

Can I hook up a D-Link router to my 2WIRE gateway for a wireless connection?

Hello, this would work but there is more that would have to be done.. If you're using a gateway it is likely a modem and router combination. If you get a D-Link router it's also going to try and do... Read More »

Can a wireless router be connected to a wired router to make a wireless connection?

connect one of the ports (NOT the WAN) on the back of your wireless router to the wall jack the Landlord has setup. Make sure your router is set to a different IP range compared to the Landlords r... Read More »

Is having a wireless N router faster than having an ethernet connection or the opposite?

An N wireless router can transfer data up to 480 mbps. If any distance from the signal, shared with other computers, etc, and you will not get that speed - but it CAN get up to that 480.Most ethern... Read More »