How to Make My 1997 Honda Accord LX Faster?

Answer The 1997 Honda Accord has a 2.2L engine that delivers an impressive number of miles per gallon. You can expect to get 25 miles per gallon in the city and around 32 miles per gallon in the highway. ... Read More »

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How to Change Oil in a 1997 Honda Accord?

Regularly changing your 1997 Accord's oil is an important part of maintaining the vehicle and will increase the life of your engine. The purpose of the motor oil is to prevent the metallic engine ... Read More »

1997 Honda Accord Specs?

The 1997 Honda Accord came in several models and trims. The two-door coupe came in LE, SX, and EX trims. The four-door sedan model came in DE, LX, SE, and SX trims. The four-door station wagon mode... Read More »

How to Replace an Alternator on a 1997 Honda Accord?

The 19997 Honda Accord uses a belt-driven alternator to charge the battery and convert the electrical current from the battery to a current the car can use. Once the alternator goes bad, the car wi... Read More »

How to Bleed the Brakes on a 1997 Honda Accord?

The 1997 Accord is a dependable car, and like most Hondas it will last a long time if you keep up with all the routine maintenance like oil and filter changes, fluid levels, tire rotations and prop... Read More »