How to Make Mustard, Herb and Spice Seasoning?

Answer An excellent substitute for salt, this seasoning can also be used to add flavor to a range of dishes from stews to marinades.

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How to Make Italian Herb Seasoning?

Italian herb seasoning is tasty and suitable for seasoning a wide range of dishes from pastas to stews. This seasoning tastes best if you have dried the herbs yourself; that way it is guaranteed to... Read More »

How to Germinate Mustard Seeds From a Spice Rack?

Many people enjoy the sweet and spicy taste of mustard sprouts, or small green sprouts that are made from germinated mustard seeds. They can be found for purchase in some natural food stores, but t... Read More »

Is Mint a Spice or an Herb?

Mint is an herb that is used to flavor everything from gum to jelly. Like many other herbs, mint is easy to grow -- it will quickly take over a garden bed if you let it. Freeze the herb at the end ... Read More »

Is a vanilla bean an herb or a spice?

Vanilla beans are spices, not herbs. Herbs are the fresh or dried leaves of various plants used for flavoring food, while spices are other parts of plants, usually fruit, that are also dried for fl... Read More »