How to Make Music Notes on a Mac?

Answer Music notation is the representation of music through written symbols, such as music notes. Celebrated composers such as Bach and Mozart had to write music notation by hand, but today, computers o... Read More »

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How to Make Music Notes When Typing on AIM?

AIM or AOL Instant Messenger, is a messaging program that is used to communicate with buddies online. Besides being able to set one's availability status, transfer files and organize group chats, i... Read More »

How can i make hearts and music notes on my facebook post?

Turn NUM LOCK on.Hold in ALT and push 3 on your num lock key pad. Release the alt button. A heart should appear. ♥For musical notes, hold in ALT and type 13 on your left hand key pad (push 1, rel... Read More »

How can I make hearts and music notes in my text on Myspace?

use alt codes. press alt and then the number.alt + 3 = ♥alt + 13= ♪alt + 14 = ♫

How do you make those cute hearts and music notes on your computer keyboard?

♥♥♥♥♥♥Press down on the alt key and hold. Press down on the 3 key. Release the 3 key. Release the alt key. Alt 1-31 gives assorted signs. ☺☻♥ etc.