How to Make Multiple Lines in Printed Watermark in MS Word?

Answer The process of watermarking a document involves placing a word, phrase or image faded behind the actual page text for security, permission or versioning. Microsoft Word comes with multiple watermar... Read More »

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How Do I Add a Watermark in MS Word?

Open Microsoft Word 2007, and click on the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon at the top of the screen. In the Page Background group, click on the "Watermark" button. A gallery of Watermark choices will... Read More »

How to Add Watermark in MS Word?

Watermarks faintly stamp a document, marking it as confidential, a draft or a final copy. Company logos or pictures can also be used as watermarks, identifying a document as its property. Watermark... Read More »

What causes the horizontal lines on a picture that is printed?

its the printer head leaving the marks, you will need to clean them, there is usually a function on the software that comes with your printer to maintain it, and to allow you to do this, such as th... Read More »

How to Insert a Watermark Into a Word Document?

Originally, a watermark was a pattern or image pressed into a sheet of paper when the pulp was still wet. To see this type of watermark, the reader had to hold the sheet up to the light. In desktop... Read More »