How to Make Motions in Court?

Answer Civil litigation is driven by requests to the court by a party, and oppositions to those requests by the other party, seeking action by the court. These requests are called "motions" and some may b... Read More »

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Types of Civil Court Motions?

Civil court cases are those that take place between private citizens or entities. The result in these cases is usually monetary and there's no jail time served if the defendant is found liable. Bot... Read More »

How to Prepare Complaints and Oppositions to Motions to Dismiss Defaults to File in Federal Court?

Legal battles go back and forth with varying degrees of complexity in federal court. Federal courts handle specialized cases regarding, for example, matters of interstate commerce and issues of con... Read More »

How to Do the Hand Motions to the "Na Na Na" Song?

Excited about the "Na Na Na" song? Why not get the hand motions going too?

Advanced Camera Motions?

I am really surprised that your instructor did not cover all that in lecture.If you plan on going any further in your film "career", you may want to buy "The Five C's of Cinematography: Motion Pict... Read More »